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Ethos & Production

About Chasing Unicorns

Everything we do at Chasing Unicorns is grounded in an ethos of conscious, considered production and consumption. This is not a gimmick. It is who we are with the result being the highest quality clothing which nurtures the traditional techniques of the artisans who make them.

Not only clothes are produced in our process but beautiful relationships with the makers and customer as we forge forward to the best of our own drum. If vintage is the most sustainable way to shop, then ethically hand-producing timeless, keepsake fashion in tiny runs is the next best thing.

About Chasing Unicorns


We make clothing to last. And are made by people who maintain traditional methods and get a joy out of doing it. Our clothes can be worn over and over and will be in your wardrobe for life. This is tomorrow’s vintage.

We use silk, cotton and linen to ensure the longevity of our clothes. These natural fibres are strong, biodegradable and do not contribute to micro-plastic pollution.

The production techniques we choose are important and ensure the longevity and integrity of our clothes. We use French seams in all our garments to protect them from fraying and intelligent cutting techniques to ensure we do not waste any fabric.

Hand-finished embellishments and unique details ensures each piece is valued as heirloom, keepsake clothing.

We offer alterations on all Chasing Unicorns clothing to make sure anything you buy from us is a perfect for you. Wear it longer, keep it for life.

Chasing Unicorns offers free repairs on all our clothing.

We will continue working with our artisans partners promoting traditional techniques to create beautiful clothing and produced completely under their terms.

About Chasing Unicorns
About Chasing Unicorns


We create timeless clothes outside the relentless cycle of seasonal trends and over production that are the source of so much fashion waste and inequality.

We keep the production of Chasing Unicorns to a truly limited scale to ensure we do not generate any waste.

We presale the majority of styles and know exactly how many pieces of each style to produce.

We use every centimetre of the fabric we order and any offcuts are used in other styles.

From the beginning we decided to not offer CU as wholesale to be able to involve each customer with our process of having something made that you truely want. The flip side of this is you have to wait as your order is made but the end result is a beautiful piece of clothing that has been made with purpose and integrity.

By selling direct we are able to provide the customer with the highest quality product and the lowest possible price point. We minimise waste in every aspect of our business. All packaging is compostable and we run a paper-free office. We do not send any paperwork with orders.

About Chasing Unicorns


We can answer the question “Who made my clothes?” at every stage of our production.

We intentionally keep our production small and have a ‘Designer and Maker’ scenario. This has allowed us to build meaningful relationships with the people who produce Chasing Unicorns clothes and have full transparency in our production.

We respect and celebrate the extraordinary skills of the artisans who make our clothes. It’s a true partnership where we design and they produce autonomously on their own terms and structure.

Limited runs of each style ensures we are providing meaningful work for the makers and artisans who create our clothes.

Overall it’s an inspired, engaging, rewarding and fulfilling process to make our clothes. And we have been working with the same families since our inception in 2016.

About Chasing Unicorns