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A little while back we bought you a journal featuring the incredible and always inspiring Zoe Gameau. A conversation with her about life, her beliefs, motherhood and most importantly her passion for sustainable fashion, if you haven’t read it head over to the journal for a beautiful glimpse into Zoe’s world. 

Zoe is the extraordinary woman behind the “One green dress” project. A project that promotes the repeated wear of a garment to the numerous social events and occasions that life is filled with. This project echoes many of our most treasured sentiments here at Chasing Unicorns, in fact, it is these beliefs on which the brand was built. The concept of forever pieces that are pulled out time and time again for a myriad of occasions is exactly the type of scenario that we adore!

Zoe’s one green Dress project champions the individual's value of sustainability, the earth and inner substance over trend-based, need to fit in, ubiquitous, fast fashion. She herself has long been a fashion forager, an op shop comber, a vintage rummager and most importantly a borrower and lender..a true participant in the circular fashion loop. 

The one green dress project encourages people to wear the same one ‘green dress’ it can be an actual dress, jacket or skirt, blouse…whatever you like, and it needn’t be green, 30+ times to every social occasion in their life and hashtag #onegreendress to show their commitment to circular fashion and creating new conversations around people and the planet. This movement has spread World Wide and opened many an eye to the need for considered consumption in regards to our fashion choices. 

Although we are a clothing brand, and yes we do sell things, we do so with intention of our pieces becoming these coveted “One green dress pieces” for not only one lifetime but for many. Our garments are created with the hope they will be well-loved, worn and passed down for generations to come, they are the vintage of tomorrow. We also only ever make very limited quantities of our exquisite, hand made pieces so that they remain forever truly unique to their owners. 





An often forgotten link of sustainable, closed-loop fashion is the lending and borrowing of garments between friends and loved ones for an occasion or simply just because! Here at Chasing Unicorns, there is nothing we love more than dressing our friends and making them feel beautiful inside and out for whatever social situation beckons. 

When Zoe was asked to sit on the Splendour in the grass sustainability panel, whilst heavily pregnant and wanting to stay true to her one green dress parameters, we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to style her and her one green dress/duster in some vintage and some borrowed Chasing Unicorns for the occasion. 

In the spirit of Zoe's one green dress movement we would love for you, our Chasing Unicorn's beauties, to share with us your own Chasing unicorns “one green dress” (remember it can be any dress, blouse, skirt, set or pant that you want) each and every time you repeat wear it to any occasion or in your every day! To share your CU one green dress journey with us please use #cuonegreendress together lets work with Zoe to close the loop xxx

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