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If like me you have a penchant for nostalgia and love the history and bygone handcrafted styles of vintage clothing, here's my top tips to help you add vintage into your wardrobe. By adding something unique, old and personal to every outfit it's not only great for the environment, but it helps you to develop your own sense of identity and style away from what everyone else is wearing.

Here are my top 5 vintage items to search out and invest in. These are a bit loose- more guidelines than specific items- because vintage is all about personal style so you need to find the piece in each of these categories that suits YOU perfectly!

 A Statement Jacket or Vest 

vintage shearling jackets


A great vintage jacket can transform any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. There are loads of different vintage styles of jackets to choose from, from different eras! Popular types are shearling, fringe, velvet, embroidered. . . . choose whatever suits your personal style. You many notice from my shoots that I tend to gravitate towards '60s Penny Lane style coats, fringe vests and embroidered Jimi Hendrix style velvet pieces.


Chasing Unicorns velvet jacket

 An Indian Gauze Dress 

Indian gauze dress vintage

Although classic Indian block and border prints have been copied like crazy of late, nothing rivals a true vintage, paper thin Indian gauze dress. It will be the most comfortable, uniquely beautiful piece you own, and will be your happy go-to piece all summer long. The three holy grail brands to look for are: Adini, Phool and Keiser but no brand name dresses can be just as pretty!


Adini Indian Dress Chasing Unicorns

Vintage Jewels

navajo vintage jewellery

Choose a statement piece (or plethora) that reflect your style. These don't have to be huge or bold, just something unique and special. I cover myself in vintage navajo and zuni turquoise because it's been something that has been dear to me since my mother gave me my first navajo cluster bracelet when I was a kid. I love the earthiness of it (1930s being my favourite era) but for those who don't want anything as big or bold as this, there is all kinds of other incredible estate jewellery to be had to suit your style.

Vintage Indian Gauze Dress Chasing Unicorns

A Belt

Cinch your waist in or hold your jeans up with something unique and note worthy. Tooled leather, beaded and concho styles are my go to belts, or a metal link belt over a more dressy dress.



A Great Pair of Boots

I can't go past a great pair of vintage chelsea boots or lace up boots. You can never go wrong with either and they will last forever! The high chocolate brown, 60s lace up boots that you see time and time again in my shoots have been re-heeled and stitched up a few times and they just keep getting softer and better with years!


Our curated vintage drops usually sell out pretty fast, but when new pieces get added you can find them.


I hope this inspires you to go search for pieces you'll love to have in your wardrobe and enjoy for years to come.....